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Data Equity Management, Incorporated (DEMI) are a relatively new, but powerful corporation rumoured to be at least partially funded by the ISB. They offer storage, maintenance and promotion of other corporations’ confidential data, and conduct sector-wide census information. Unusually for a data management corporation, DEMI have never had a security breach.

Throne World: Tapani.
Major Rival: AltoVast.

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From Rubble To Paradise.

An industrious and risk-averse organisation, LithoCorp nonetheless acts as an anchor for the galactic economy, particularly in regard to its mantle-shaping industries and the development of colony worlds. Without expansion, growth stalls and the economy shudders. Hence, LithoCorp play an important part in galactic economic affairs.

Planetary engineering is the specialty of LithoCorp, who transform planetary environments and atmospheres over the course of years or even decades, in order to become habitable. That is, habitable for the dominant human species of the New Order. Many other races find these environments hostile and so LithoCorp often finds resistance when it attempts to transform planets within the sphere of influence of a particular species for whom the planet has some connection or meaning. Its reputation remains relatively untarnished, but LithoCorp has endured more than one scandal involving the terraforming of a planet already colonised by other species.

Throne World: Daaru III.
Major Rival: Notus Mining Collegiate.

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Czerka Mercantile

Any Time, Anywhere, We're There.

The Czerka Mercantile is a powerful galactic entity in its own right. Whilst technically a subsidiary of the Galactic Empire's many bureaucratic appendages, the corporation operates its own mechanisms and particularly in the Outer Rim exercises a high degree of autonomy.

A vast entity with a myriad of economic interests spread across hundreds of worlds, Czerka is somewhat ubiquitous in the Outer Rim, its cheap but usually reliable equipment shipped to thousands of colonies and Imperial garrisons utilising what most assume to be any means of securing trade, including smuggling and black market contracts.

Precisely because their operations remain fixed outside the usual sphere of influence of the New Order Corporation, Czerka maintains its independence and the Galactic Empire traditionally turns a blind eye to its excesses and abuses until the planets it services formally fall within the bureaucratic scope of Imperial territory.

Throne World: Alderaan.
Major Rival: Hapax Consortium.

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Corellian Engineering

Moving The Spirit.

Long associated with speed and sleekness, Corellian-designed starships are rarely, if ever, built on the planet which gives Corellian Engineering its name. These environmentally costly processes have been undertaken off-world for centuries, leaving Corellia itself to reap the benefits of its wealth. Intermittently, its slogan has become ‘Moving the Republic’ and, later, ‘Moving the Empire’, but its iconic phrase still persists as the company’s most oft-repeated and closely associated phrase

Throne World: Corellia.
Major Rival: Teinlos Syndicate.

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AltoVast Corporation

Tomorrow's Trends Today.

The AltoVast Corporation trades in one primary product: information. From data mining to corporate statistics and predictive modelling, few other entities have the infrastructure and communicative power that AltoVast boasts. The premier source of data harvesting and analysis, it is the majority stakeholder of HoloNet, eclipsing even the New Order Corporation in crude stock holding. It maintains this stranglehold by supplying NOC with the information the ISB requires for its operations.

However, the company is also suspected of harbouring several prominent hackers, which it utilises for industrial espionage against various corporations and even, either boldly or foolishly, against the New Order itself. Thus, it has garnered for itself a reputation for slicing, hacking and other illicit computer technologies upon which the galactic trade network tends to frown.

Altovast engages in a program called Archived Memories, in association with Cybot Galactica. By farming the neural patterns of expired cybernetic recipients, the program aims to record and store the memories of these individuals. Altovast also has a side-project involving the harvesting of droid memories before they are wiped.

Throne World: Fyori.
Major Rival: DEMI.

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Cybot Galactica

A More Advanced You.

An immense and far-ranging entity which spends an enormous volume of resources advertising its cyborg technology and various droid series, Cybot Galactica remains a major player in the Galactic Trading Exchange.

Involved in all manner of cybernetic enhancements and android technologies, Cybot Galactica engineer much of the galaxy's automated labour, and frequently seek to impose their agenda upon political, industrial and military decision-makers.

As the leading designers of cybernetic equipment and interfaces, Cybot Galactica also finds itself increasingly ostracised among mainstream corporations, thanks largely to the controversial nature of its cybernetics.

The company have overcome a great deal of initially poor publicity surrounding the potentially dangerous nature of their products, and while on the surface many of these offerings have become so mainstream that they no longer provoke suspicion, their cutting-edge developments have brought the company into the spotlight more than once – for all the wrong reasons. Particularly their advances in brain function and enhancement have crossed a previously invisible line; one across which public opinion has not positively moved.

Headquartered on the technologically advanced planet of Lorumaar, Cybot Galactica are the leading designers of cybernetic equipment and interfaces. Their recent research into advances in multi-biological brain function and enhancement are contributing significantly to the field of medicine, in addition to the corporation's own interests in cybernetic biology, though it is yet to be seen whether the public will embrace their recent developments in this area.

Cybot Galactica has invested significant capital into its shared project with AltoVast, which is working under the title Archived Memories. Opponents have suggested this move is partly in order to alleviate the not infrequent suggestion that they have actively attempted to enthral those they have enhanced. Similarly, it has entered into a joint venture with Xenon BioEngineering, tentatively advertised as BioLabour, a further effort to merge android technology with biomechanics, and again with mixed results.

While on the surface many of Cybot Galactica's products have become so mainstream that they no longer provoke suspicion, their cutting-edge developments have brought the company into the spotlight recently, increasing the risk of their portfolio substantially.

Recent controversies have also seen it ostracised from particular fields.

Throne World: Lorumaar
Major Rival: Industrial Automaton.

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