AltoVast Corporation

Tomorrow's Trends Today.

The AltoVast Corporation trades in one primary product: information. From data mining to corporate statistics and predictive modelling, few other entities have the infrastructure and communicative power that AltoVast boasts. The premier source of data harvesting and analysis, it is the majority stakeholder of HoloNet, eclipsing even the New Order Corporation in crude stock holding. It maintains this stranglehold by supplying NOC with the information the ISB requires for its operations.

However, the company is also suspected of harbouring several prominent hackers, which it utilises for industrial espionage against various corporations and even, either boldly or foolishly, against the New Order itself. Thus, it has garnered for itself a reputation for slicing, hacking and other illicit computer technologies upon which the galactic trade network tends to frown.

Altovast engages in a program called Archived Memories, in association with Cybot Galactica. By farming the neural patterns of expired cybernetic recipients, the program aims to record and store the memories of these individuals. Altovast also has a side-project involving the harvesting of droid memories before they are wiped.

Throne World: Fyori.
Major Rival: DEMI.

: Report : Saalus, Nima : GTE assessment solutions