Noslan Falo

Captain Noslan Falo was an Imperial navy liaison officer assigned to the planet Narolax II, known as 'the Crypt' by those that served there. He was an impeccably-dressed and fastidious officer known for running a tight regimen, holding to protocol, and a strong sense of his place in the Imperial hierarchy. Thus, he was known to sneer and condescend to his lessers, while being equally capable of fawning over his superiors.

Captain Falo came to a somewhat inglorious end when what was left of him was discovered in a docking bay several hundred metres below the personal landing platform of the ranking army Commander, Fosk, from which he presumably fell. His body had frozen during the fall, and shattered on impact. Though it took place during a rebel raid on the facility, the incident remains a poignant example that Imperial officers still use in support of following proper protocols on planets with dangerous inclement weather conditions.