Paven Fosk

A gigantic, completely bald human, Commander Fosk was the ranking army officer overseeing security on the Imperial facilities on Narolax II. Embittered by the necessity of his owing allegiance to the Imperial Navy and its leader, Commodore Muur, Fosk is despite being grossly overweight and dry-humoured, an extremely effective leader of his hand-selected Crypt Company, the Stormtrooper regiment deployed to the planet.

During his tenure, he maintained strict discipline through brutal means and brooked no resistance to his personal authority. Disdainful of both the ISB and the Imperial Navy, Fosk strongly resented his enforced subservience to both. Yet, he was personally loyal to Agent Lantaru, the ISB Commandant, even though he distrusted her unit and the larger objectives of the ISB.

Despite his corporeal size, Fosk enjoyed physical combat and violence, even if he was on the wrong end of it. Largely fearless, his sadistic nature enjoyed both inflicting and receiving punishment, as his litany of scars attested. Not particularly intelligent or insightful, he was a blunt instrument of the Imperial Army, though his ultimate whereabouts remain unknown.